WordPress Hosting Comparison. Who Is The Best For You?

WordPress Hosting Comparison Made Simple!

WordPress hosting comparison can be done super easy. We have used two of the best and trust me when I say nothing compares to these two.

There are a ton of WordPress hosts out there. You can drive your self crazy doing comparison’s to find the best WordPress hosting. There is also a lot of confusion about what host is the best to use well I’m not a super technical guy I mean that’s why I use WordPress in the first place but I have had a few bumps along the way that may help you in making your decision.

I’m the kinda of person who learns from experience and also looks to the source for information. I have hosting WordPress Blogs on a few sites that were nothing but trouble and others that made setting up a sit as easy as 1,2,3 without the 2,3 because they had 1 step set-up. Don’t drive yourself crazy doing a wordpress hosting comparison. check out these two great companies below.

Dreamhost.com Is Our first WordPress Hosting Pick

Wordpress hosting comparisonWe have done complete wordpress hosting comparison‘s and Dreamhost is the first site I would recommend hosting your WordPress site with. They have 1-Click WordPress set-up which makes things incredibly easy and they also have been in business for over 14 years. now I don’t know about you but in my mind they must be doing something right. The last thing remember I mention going to the source well WordPress.org recommends Dreamhost themselves as a matter of fact it’s there first pick and ours too.

If you use this promo code WPDH2 you will receive 20% off when you sign-up for a one or two year prepayment web hosting account. To check out everything Dreamhost has to offer follow this link and if you scroll down you will see the WordPress “W” like the one above click on it and get Dreamhost’s full WordPress hosting details.

Click here to Visit Dreamhost

The Second WordPress Hosting We Love Is Bluehost!

Bluehost hosting infomationBluehost has been in business since 1996. I can’t remember that far back but I guess there was internet back then. Bluehost is another veteran to hosting just like Dreamhost they have almost all the same features and great pricing as well. The one thing that may be slightly simpler with Bluehost is there CPanel is a little more user friendly. There one click install is super easy too. Really you can’t go wrong with either one of these host’s that’s why we not only use them but feel comfortable recommending them to others as well. These two wordpress hosting review‘s will help you decide who you are going to trust with your site.


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